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YPG And FSA Form Joint Operations Command

jointoperationscommand1(ANF) The YPG has formed a Joint Operations Command with the Free Syrian ARMY (FSA) and other armed Syrian opposition groups in the Euphrates region in an effort to combat the growing threat of the Islamic State (ISIS).

The formation of the Joint Operations Command, which is formed up of all major opposition groups active in the region, was proclaimed at a military ceremony attended by representatives of many of the parties, including a large number of both YPG and FSA fighters.

An FSA commander read out a statement during the ceremony in which it was declared that the goal of the Joint Command was to save the Euphrates region – or the area around Karakozak, Sirrin, Jarabulus, Minbic and Rakka – from the the threat of ISIS.

The statement also called on all of those who had been previously deceived by or had joined ISIS to abandon the organization. It went on to call on international society to fulfil its responsibilities in the fight against ISIS and for all sides to offer material and moral support to the Joint Command.  

Partners to the Joint Command were listed as follows: the El Tevhid Brigades East Wing, the El Siwar El Raka Brigade, the Şems El Şemal Battalion of the Fecir El Huriye Brigades, the Peoples’ Defense Units (YPG), the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ), Seraya Cerablus, the Bridage of the El-Ekrad Front, Siwar Umunaa El Raka, the El Kasas Army, The Jihad Brigade In Sebilillah.



8 comments on “YPG And FSA Form Joint Operations Command

  1. Not George Sabra
    September 11, 2014

    Beautiful 🙂

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