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The Gift Of The Jezaa Victory



The following is a translation of “Cezaa zaferi armağandır” by Roza Amed and Bîrçan Yıldız writing for ANHA. It appeared in Özgür Gündem.

Fighters of the YPG/YPJ who saved peşmerge and hundreds of thousands of Yazidi Kurds by opening a humanitarian corridor between Rabia and Jezaa following the occupation of Sinjar (Kurdish: Şengal) by the ISIS gang speak of dedicating their victory to Kurdish popular leader Abdullah Öcalan. The ISIS gangs who attacked the Jezaa region on August 19th suffered a severe blow like when they were unable to close the humanitarian corridor  between Rojava and Sinjar and forced to withdraw. ISIS, who attacked the Jezaa region for 13 days with heavy weapons they brought from places like Mosul, Dera Zor and Hol, lost 473 fighters including 3 commanders. 52 YPG/YPJ fighters also lost their lives in the clashes.

“The Philosophy of Leader Apo”

A YPJ fighter named Tolhidan from Kobanê who participated in the Jezaa resistance recalls her 10 female companions who lost their lives resisting to their last bullet and added that the level that Kurdish women have now reached is thanks the Kurdish popular leader Abdullah Öcalan. Tolhidan said “the resistance of female companions once again showed that that the women of Rojava can resist every kind of attack without fear. The secret of victory in Jezaa is also hidden with the philosophy of Leader Apo. We also dedicated and present the Jezaa victory to leader Apo. Just as Leader Apo says “I trust in women we will struggle to the end so that this faith is not defeated. I once more send my greetings to İmrali in the name of the YPJ fighters in Jezaa.”

 ISIS Is Condemned To Defeat   

Another YPJ fighter named Dîren added, “We in the YPJ take the philosophy of leader Apo as our foundational principal. The thing that makes us strong is not just a technical strength. It is the philosophy of Leader Apo and our trust in it.” A YPG fighter named Mêrxas agreed, saying “we do not fight for money or oil. They have nothing like that. For that reason they are condemned to defeat.”


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