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Turkish Army Launches Operation Against Cooperative Kurdish School In Lice

licezıhrlıaraçAn operation has begun to destroy a Kurdish school built by locals in the district of Lice in Diyarbakir province, according to a report from DİHA carried by İMCTV.

The school is located in the village of Kerwas and was built by the collective labor of local villagers with the goal of offering their children Kurdish-language education.

Early this morning hundreds of Turkish Army Special Operations Teams advanced on the village in a convoy of more than 30 armored vehicles. Locals gathered on the road at the entrance of the village in an attempt to stop the soldiers from reaching the school.

Following clashes lasting approximately 20 minutes the soldiers pulled back to the village of Ortaç. Around 200 people later gathered in the area around the school and continue to wait in case the army returns.

The Turkish army has closed all roads to the village and refuses to allow passage. At the same time a military checkpoint at the Jandarma base in Duru is refusing to allow vehicles to pass in the direction of Fisovası.

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