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Monthly Archives: March, 2014

PAJK Calls On Women To Support Kobanê

(ANF/BEHDİNAN) Emine Erciyes, a member of the coordinating body of the Free Woman Party of Kurdistan (PAJK), has issued a call to all women to support the Rojava Revolution and … Continue reading

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Fighting in Kobanê and Til Ebyad: ISIS Suffering Heavy Losses

(ANF/KOBANÊ) In recent fighting around the Kobanê Canton between YPG forces and the Islamic State or Iraq and Sham (ISIS) the ISIS has lost another 7 fighters. In ongoing fighting … Continue reading

March 28, 2014 · 1 Comment

Urgent Call To Support Kobanê From KCD-E

(ANF/BRUSSELS) The Kurdish Democratic Society Congress in Europe (KCD-E) has released an urgent call to progressive and revolutionary forces to support the Kobanê canton, now under continued attack from the … Continue reading

March 26, 2014 · 1 Comment

HDP: Armenians Deported To Syria Again Under Threat

(ANF) HDP Co Vice-President Saruhan Oluç has released a statement in which he draws attention to the recent attacks against the Armenian village of Keseb in Syria, reading “how sad … Continue reading

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Asya Abdullah: In Rojava There Is A War Of Defense, In Syria A War For Power

In a new interview from DİHA appearing in today’s Özgür Günden, PYD co-president Asya Abdullah – who is in Diyarbakir to mark Newroz celebrations organized by the DTK an BDP- … Continue reading

March 24, 2014 · 1 Comment

Kalkan: For The PKK Every Newroz Marks A New Push

(ANF/BEHDİHAN) PKK Executive Committee Member Duran Kalkan addressed guerrillas at a Newroz celebration in the Kandil Mountains, saying that for the PKK every Newroz marks a new push and that … Continue reading

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Muslim: ISIS Wants To Break The Ties Between The Cantons

(ANF/Özgür Gündem/OSLO) PYD Co-President Salih Muslim, who is currently in Oslo for a series of meetings with officials from various Kurdish parties and Norwegian, spoke to reporters about the recent … Continue reading

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Karayılan: The People Of Kobanê Will Not Be Abandoned

(ANF/BEHDİNAN) Peoples Defense Central Headquarters Commander Murat Karayılan has addressed  guerilla Newroz celebrations in the Kandil mountains, where he made a call that the people of Kobanê not to be … Continue reading

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YPG Calls For Mobilization Around Kobanê As ISIS Attacks Contınue

 (ANF) The Central Command of the YPG has made a call for mobilization for the Kobanê Canton, which is under threat of occupation from renewed attacks by the Islamic State … Continue reading

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Free Newroz Celebrations Create Excitement In Rojava

(ANF) Newroz fires have been lit in Kobanê, Amûdê ve Dirbêsiyê. Celebrations in Tirbespiyê have been announced for March 21st. The Revolutionary Youth Movement organized a celebration in Free Square … Continue reading

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