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Kalkan: For The PKK Every Newroz Marks A New Push


(ANF/BEHDİHAN) PKK Executive Committee Member Duran Kalkan addressed guerrillas at a Newroz celebration in the Kandil Mountains, saying that for the PKK every Newroz marks a new push and that “this Newroz our goals for the year are bigger. Our position and our commitment are stronger and our level of preparation is better.”

The celebration was attended by hundreds of guerrillas, Kalkan, as well as Sabri Tendürk of the Central Command of the Peoples Defense, PKK Central Committee Member Dilzar Dilok, KCK Executive Council Member Xebat Andok, KCK Executive Council Member Savaş Amed, HPG Mıilitary Council Rojhat Cilo and YJA Star Commander Tekoşin Batman.

Following the military ceremony Kalkan addressed the assembled guerrillas, starting by offering Newroz greetings. “I want to wish all our people and friends” he began “and in particular Leader Apo, a happy Newroz on this holiday of freedom and resistance and in the person of Mazlum Doğan I remember all of our Newroz martyrs and the heroic martyrs of our freedom struggle with gratitude and respect. On this Newroz I am renewing the promise of victory which we have given to our martyrs that we will achieve greater, enduring success in the coming year.”

Kalkan then reminded those present of the recent KCK Newroz declaratıon and the meaning of the holiday for the PKK, saying “As a movement we have from the beginning grasped the truth of Newroz. And the truth of Newroz took on a new meaning and value with the PKK. It took on a true content and essence. It came back to life with excitement and enthusiasm by the truth of freedom and resistance. Leader APO has said that ‘with the PKK Newrozs have become more beautiful and meaningful.’ Every Newroz we declare a new beginning, a renewing and cleansing of freedom in our consciences, our spirits and in our minds, a recommitting and on every Newroz we declare a new push for resistance.”

Kalkan then spoke of the history of Newroz and the PKK, saying “the foundations of the PKK were laid on Newroz in 1973. For forty years every Newroz has been marked by a new move by the PKK, a new push. As a movement we are now entering our forty-second Newroz with just this spirit, this understanding, this emotion and this attitude. this Newroz our goals for the year are bigger. Our position and our commitment are stronger and our level of preparation is better.  We are now using the richness, practice, and experience of the past forty years as we march with commitment and bravery in this forty-second year in which freedom for Leader Apo and Kurdistan is at hand. Our party which began this victory march now rests on the foundation of its 12th congress. We saw it as suitable as we enter Newroz to be even more committed and organized. Our party is in its forty-second year and in order to create the circumstances for Leader Apo to live and work freely in the year of this forty-second Newroz and to win freedom for Kurdistan and our people we are committed to carrying the Newroz spirit of resistance and freedom to the highest heights, with mastery and in the proper way.”

Leader Apo: Only This Truth Can Defeat The Liers and Oppressors

Later Kalkan spoke of the progress that has been made under the leadership of Apo and the PKK, saying “there is no need to speak much about the possibilities that leader Apo and the PKK have created in Kurdistan. Because everything stands concretely before our eyes. Leader Apo said that ‘only this truth can defeat the liers and oppressors.’ No one of any conscience or honesty can deny what the Kurdish people, the Kurdish human, the Kurdish women and youth have won with the PKK and Leader Apo it is impossible not to see. One is compelled to submit to the truth. Friends much excitement has emerged from these developments. On Newroz the places where the Kurdish people live becomes full of excitement. With the exception of some enemies no one can deny what Leader Apo and the PKK have won for the Kurdish people. They are forced to speak openly and to admit it.”

Kalkan concluded his speech by once again extending Newroz wishes, and by confirming that the Kurdish people and the Kurdish Freedom Movement would enter Newroz 2014 with a new faith and commitment: “And we are saying that we will certainly win.”

Following the speech there was a performance of a play entitled “Vessel” (Turkish/Kurdish: “Tas”) by the Tev-Çand theater group Şano Çiya, put on in the memory of the Kurdish theater actor Yetka Herekol (Erdoğan Kahraman) who lost his life during a Newroz rally on March 27, 2004. Musical performances by Awaze Çiya, Jinda ve Evin, and dancing followed.

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