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Fighting in Kobanê and Til Ebyad: ISIS Suffering Heavy Losses

A dead ISIS fighter near  Kobanê

The body of a ISIS killed near Kobanê

(ANF/KOBANÊ) In recent fighting around the Kobanê Canton between YPG forces and the Islamic State or Iraq and Sham (ISIS) the ISIS has lost another 7 fighters. In ongoing fighting in the region around Girê Spî (Arabic:Til Ebyad) the ISIS has lost more than 60 fighters in the past week.

According to information obtained from sources linked to the YPG and the El Ekrad Front, fighting between the YPG and the ISIS continues in the village of Xerab Eto to the west of Kobanê, where violent clashes have been occurring for days. The ISIS lost 7 fighters in clashes overnight, and their bodies were transported back to a hospital in Cerablus, currently under ISIS control.

Kobanê has been under attack for more than three weeks by foreign supported ISIS gangs who are attempting to cut off ties between Kobanê and the Afrin and Cizirê cantons to the west and east respectively, as well as between Kobanê and Aleppo to the south. YPG forces have put up a heavy resistance, and in the last three weeks the ISIS is known to have lost around 200 fighters to the south and west of the city.

Separately, local sources have confirmed that fighting between the YPG and ISIS in areas under ISIS control around Girê Spî (Til Ebyad), located directly on the Turkish border, is continuing. In the last week the ISIS is reported to have lost more than 60 fighters in these clashes.

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