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Urgent Call To Support Kobanê From KCD-E


(ANF/BRUSSELS) The Kurdish Democratic Society Congress in Europe (KCD-E) has released an urgent call to progressive and revolutionary forces to support the Kobanê canton, now under continued attack from the ISIS and other armed gangs. The statement also saluted the revolution in Rojava and the resistance that was being shown in the face of such attacks, and emphasized that the people of Kurdistan in Europe and Kurdish organizations on the continent would not abandon the people of Rojava.

The call began: “The attacks being made against the Kurdish people who struggling for a democratic life and their freedom is not only the concern of these forces. Because it is an attack against one of the most downtrodden people in the Middle East, and an attack against a people who have shown no animosity for any other people or political force. For this reason an attack on this level is without a doubt of foreign origins. The Syrian regime – together with the states of Turkey and Iran which cannot bring themselves to solve the Kurdish issue and the issue of democratization and which cannot tolerate the national democratic gains of the Kurdish people and the other peoples in Rojava – are behind these attacks.The Turkish state, which is a principal enemy of the Kurds, is provoking these attacks. By now it has become very clear that the assailants are subcontractors of Turkey. It has been revealed how people have been brought from all over, how weapons and supplies have been sent, how Turkey’s borders cities and towns have been used as camps for armed groups and rest and recovery facilities, and how at its base this conflict has been started by Turkey. Its aim is to completely destroy the self-government and free life that has been established by the Kurds together with other peoples on their own lands. The attitude of Turkish State, which despite all the right circumstances and all the positive efforts on the part of the Kurdish side has taken no steps for a solution in North Kurdistan as in Rojava, is clearly evident again in Kobanê.”

The Future of Rojava, Kurdistan and the Middle East

The statement then stressed the gains of the revolution in Rojava and its importance for a democratic future in the Middle East, saying “the revolution in Rojava, and the status and gains achieved there, is a gain for the four parts of Kurdistan. At the same time it is a concrete model for a democratic Syria and the future of a democratic Middle East. If Kobanê and Rojava loses, all the parts of Kurdistan, all of Syria and the entire Middle East will have lost. For this reason all true patriots, democrats and revolutionaries must today stand concretely shoulder to shoulder with Rojava and take urgent against the attacks against Kobanê. And for this reason we, together with all the peoples from the four parts of Kurdistan of all faiths, as well as the peace-loving, democratic, progressive, emancipatory, egalitarian and revolutionary forces, are calling on our friends and public opinion in Europe to urgent protest.”

‘We will show that Kobanê is not alone’

The statement then called for large demonstrations in support of Kobanê and the people of Rojava, reading: “the inhumane acts of the gangs supported by Turkey in Rojava are causing the conscience to rebel. All Kurds should immediately rise up against the savagery in Kobanê, and should form a ring of defense around Kobanê and the people of Rojava. They should mobilize in solidarity with the people of Rojava. They should show that the people of Rojava are not alone.All the Muslims of the Middle East, and foremost among them Kurdish Muslims, should proclaim that these attacks have nothing to do with Islam, are against the Islamic faith and its values, and should tell the assailants to stop. They should openly disown them and provide no further opportunity for these ugliness and monstrosity to employ Islam.”

A call to international opinion

The KCD-E’s statement then called on international public opinion, the EU, the Council of Europe and the UN, as well as human rights organizations to condemn these crimes against humanity and to take action against attacks which aim at a Kurdish genocide. The statement concluded by saying “we once more remind the gangs that are committing these criminal massacres against the Kurds and the forces behind them that abandoning this belligerence would be for their own good. Because attacking the oppressed Kurdish people who are struggling for their freedom and their existence will bring no benefit to anyone…the consciousness of rights, justice and equality will certainly break these attacks. The revolution of democracy and freedom taking place in Rojava will defeat all such attacks and possess a strength that will overcome any obstacle. No power will destroy this great revolution and in the end Syria, the Middle East and humanity will be win together with the peoples of Rojava.”


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