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Monthly Archives: August, 2013

The Embargo on Rojava Must be Lifted

The preparatory committee now working to lay the groundwork for the Kurdish National Congress, scheduled to convene on September 15th in Erbil after a two week delay due to the … Continue reading

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Rojava is not only a region in Kurdistan, but an alternative model for the Middle East and the World

In an editorial published in yesterday’s Özgür Gündem, the imprisoned activist Kenan Kirkaya argues that Rojava is not simply a “point on the compass” (Rojava is often translated to mean … Continue reading

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Kışanak: Demonstrations in Diyarbakir on September 1st will Send a Message to the Middle East and the World

  Speaking with Özgür Gündem about the rallies planned for this Sunday, the co-president of the BDP, said that “a message will be sent from Amed (Diyarbakir) to the Middle East … Continue reading

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Kurds Rally on Both Sides of the Border for Rojava

Kurds on both sides of the Turkish-Syrian border are holding demonstrations to protest the embargo currently in place in Rojava and the attacks being carried out there by al-Nusra and … Continue reading

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Turkish Army Enters Rojava Near Afrin, Attacks Village with al-Nusra and KidnapsThree

According to a report from ANF around 20-25 uniformed soldiers wearing masks entered Çobanbey, a village near Afrin and a known command center of the al-Nusra front in the region. … Continue reading

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Program for Sunday’s World Peace Day Rallies Announced amid Calls to Take to the Streets

The BDP/HDK have announced their plans for rallies scheduled for this Sunday, September 1 – World Peace Day. Major demonstrations are set to take place in Istanbul, Diyarbakir, Van, and … Continue reading

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Thousands of Women March in Silopi in Support of Rojava and the YPG

Following calls from the Democratic and Free Women’s Movement (DÖKH), thousands of women marched in Silopi, in the province of Şırnak, in order to give support to and show solidarity … Continue reading

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Asya Abdullah: A Solution Must be Developed that Reflects the Internal Dynamics of Syria

Asya Abdullah, co-president of the PYD, spoke to ANF about the recent chemical attacks in Syria and the increasing prospect of Western Intervention. She also reflected on current conditions in … Continue reading

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Islamic Groups are Carrying out a Proxy War in the Name of Turkey and other Powers

A report from ANF today accuses Turkey, the United States, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia  of using Islamic groups in Rojava as proxies for their own interests in the region. The … Continue reading

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Azadi Party attempting to carry out attacks in Rojava, provoke clashes between the YPG and the Turkish Army

In an operation in Arfin yesterday, public security officers arrested four people in possession of 25 kg of explosives. The four individuals were later found to be members of the … Continue reading

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