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Free Newroz Celebrations Create Excitement In Rojava


(ANF) Newroz fires have been lit in Kobanê, Amûdê ve Dirbêsiyê. Celebrations in Tirbespiyê have been announced for March 21st.

The Revolutionary Youth Movement organized a celebration in Free Square in Amûdê and a second festival in the nearby village of Cenaqçîqê.

In Kobanê a celebration was held in the village of Qeremezrê to the south of the city center, where residents of neighborhing villages had also come for the celebration. The area reserved for the celebration was decorated with Kurdish national colors and flags, abd local muscians peformed as members of the crowd danced halays around Newroz fires.

The Revolutionary Young Women’s Movement organized a celebration in the village of Feqîra near Dirbêsiyê. A banquet was held and speeches were given on the state of the freedom struggle, before a concert began and the crowd danced and sang along with the music.

As Newroz celebrations take place in certain areas of Rojava, preperations are underway for major celebrations this weekend. Tirbespiyê has announced that it will hold a major Newroz celebration on March 21st.

Prepartions are also underway for a major celebration in the center of Dirbêsiyê, where the muncipality is decorating all the streets in the yellow, red and green. At the same time local authorities are taking precautiongs to protect atendeeds, and local security services have stepped up their efforts to insure a safe Newroz.

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