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Burkan El-Fırat Strikes Another Blow Against ISIS In Kobanê


(ANF) Fighting between the Islamic State (ISIS) and the newly created “Burkan El-Fırat” Joint Operations Command continues around the Kobanê Canton of Rojava. The Burkan El-Firat was formed this month under the leadership of the YPG and brings together elements of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) with the YPG and other Syrian opposition groups in the Euphrates region.

Burkan El-Fırat forces killed 14 ISIS fighters – including one commander – and destroyed one ISIS tank and three military vehicles in fighting yesterday evening between the villages of Xirab Eto and Zormixar west of Kobanê.

Clashes also broke out between Burkan El-Firat and ISIS in the villages of Talik, Cib el-ferec, Dugirman and Boraz, again to the west of Kobanê. Fighting continues in Talik, where ISIS is reported to being using various heavy weaponry

Meanwhile Burkan El-Fırat forces are engaging ISIS to the east and south of Kobanê as well. In the east YPG fighters are fighting ISIS in the villages of Serzorî, Cirin, Kopirlik, Bîrkêtik, Saronc and Qizelî and succeeded in destroying a ISIS tank in Bîrkêtik and killing a large number of ISIS fighters. Clashes continue here as well.

In the south of Kobanê ISIS is bombarding the Şehîd Xabû hill and the village of Caadê with mortar and tank fire. Burkan El-Fırat forces immediately responded and fighting continued until this morning. More detailed information on the fighting is not yet available.

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