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Armed-Wing of the PKK Announces it is Ready to Resume a War Posture

The announcement was made at a press conference attented by scores of fighters who recently pulled out of Turkey

The announcement was made at a press conference attented by scores of fighters who recently pulled out of Turkey

The central organ of the HPG, the armed-wing of the PKK, has announced that it is ready to a war posture if the Turkish government does not move forward on the peace process, according to a report by ANF.

A portion of the remarks read out by Delal Amed, a member of the HSM – or People’s Defense Central Committee – at the press conference can be found translated into English below. The press conference was also attended by Bawer Dersim and Gülistan Gülhat, members of the HPG’s Military Council and around 80 guerillas who had recently completed a withdraw from Dersim as part of the peace initiative announced by Öcalan at Newroz celebrations this past March.

If in the coming days the AKP government does not take a step and help bring this process to a conclusion, we as the HPG are ready to resume a war posture and to step in in an influential way.

Having followed public opinion closely during this process, we have demonstrated great effort in attempting to fulfill the duties given to us by our leadership and our movement with all the seriousness demanded of this great responsibility. We showed great effort and sacrifice in implementing and protecting the ceasefire that was the first of three steps in the process as planned by our leadership; we agreed to and began the withdrawal.

As a response to our leadership and movement’s claim to to move the process forward successfully, the AKP government took no concrete action except to stop extensive military operations. As our guerrilla forces began to pull back all bases in North Kurdistan were reinforced with soldiers and supplies; forces worn out from combat were replaced; buildings damaged in fighting or neglect were repaired; new base construction started and work was sped up to strengthen existing bases; and emphasis was given to road and dam construction with the goal of security. The government used the our ceasefire as an opportunity to form new Village Guard (korucu) cadros, and to explore all of the territory occupied by our guerillas with drones.

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