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Oil Companies are Polluting Kurdistan

(ANF) While the independent production and sale of oil remains a point of pride for South Kurdistan, oil companies are doing great harm to the environment without any form of … Continue reading

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As Fighting Between ISIS and Syrian Opposition Increases, Calls for Cease-Fire Grow

(ANF) Fighting between the Islamic State or Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an al-Qaeda affiliate, and local opposition groups in the north of Syria is growing – say two articles (here … Continue reading

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Nationalist Mob Surrounds BDP Headquarters in Maraş

(ANF) A group of around three hundred fascists attacked the BDP party building in Maraş earlier today. The attack followed the BDP Maraş Provincial Branch’s Second General Congress, in which … Continue reading

November 17, 2013 · Leave a comment

“The Coming Together of the Kurds is Frightening Certain Individuals”

The Preparatory Committee of the Kurdish National Conference has once again met in Hewler (Erbil), according to a new report in Özgür Gündem. Members of the committee, who are currently … Continue reading

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Reactions from Local Opposition Parties over KRG’s Treatment of Salih Muslim

Opposition parties in Southern Kurdistan – or the Federal Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRG) – have reacted negatively to the decision by Hewler (Erbil) to prevent Salih Muslim from crossing … Continue reading

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The Wall of Fear – Turkey Builds New Wall Along Border with Rojava

When border fences and minefields were not enough to separate the Northern Kurds and the Kurds in Rojava, Turkey started to build a wall along the border, says a report … Continue reading

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Rojava Is Our Common Revolution

A committee from the Democratic Free Women’s Movement (DÖKH) is waiting in the town of Hewlêr (Erbil) for permission to enter Rojava, says Saturday’s Özgür Gündem. The Democratic Peoples’ Congress … Continue reading

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Amed Dicle on the Political Situation in Rojava

Jadaliyya has translated another article by the noted Kurdish journalist Amed Dicle. In this article, entitlted “Rojava’s Political Structure” Dicle writes about the current political situation in Rojava, and the … Continue reading

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KDP Members Make Death Threats Against Rojava Refugees

According to a report from the Hawar News Agency and run in Özgür Gündem, a KDP official accompanied by a number of Perşmerge visited the Girêgevrê and Misrîk camps in … Continue reading

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PYD Leaders Reflect on the Possibility of Foreign Intervention

In two recent reports by Özgür Gündem Ayşa Abdullah,  co-president of the PYD, and Aldar Xelîl, a leading member of the governing body of a Movement for a Democratic Society … Continue reading

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