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Thousands Rally in Efrîn in Support of the YPG and the resistance in Rojava

Locals take to the ttreets of Efrîn to offer support to the resistence in Rojava

Locals take to the streets of Efrîn to offer their support to the resistence in Rojava

According to a report yesterday in Özgür Gündem, thousands of people marched in Efrîn yesterday in support of the YPG’s defense of Rojava amidst ongoing fighting with Islamists allied with the Free Syrian Army. Under slogans such as “The Expression of Our People is Stronger than Your Bombs,” demonstrators hailed the resistance in Rojava and condemned the recent massacres that have taken place in towns and villages such as Aleppo, Dariya, Hole, Til Eran and Til Hasil.

The rallies came one day after four people, including two children, were killed in a bombing attack on the city.

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