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ISIS Commander Denies Any Conflict With Turkey


In an interview with a Turkish journalist an ISIS official has denied there is any conflict between Turkey and ISIS and maintains that relations between the two are the same as before the Suruç bombing and the purported beginning of a Turkish air campaign against the group, says a report from

The ISIS official, named only as E.Y, was contacted through the Turkish-language ISIS website and gave the interview via e-mail to journalist Volkan Koç. Some excerpts from the interview have been translated into English below.

-What is the position of ISIS on Turkey in the context of Suruç and ongoing events and what will it be going forward?

ISIS has not started any war with Turkey. Our old position remains. From this point on any new position will be taken in light of Turkey’s actions.

-Was the bombing in Suruç carried out by ISIS?

There has been no statement made by ISIS on the bombing in Suruç, It neither claims to have taken part nor denies it.

-How many active members does ISIS have in Turkey?

We have many members in Turkey. But it is very difficult to provide an exact figure. Around 1000.

-How many people have joined from Turkey? And who are they (men, women, children?)

Up until now thousands of men and families have joined from Turkey. Many were martyred. Most came as families. There are currently around 2,000 Turks.

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