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HDP Leader Demirtaş To AKP: We Have Nothing To Lose


In a statement to the media yesterday HDP Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş called the recent state crackdown on Kurdish activists and the military strikes against PKK bases along the Turkish-Iraqi border an operation “to save the [Presidential] palace” and told AKP leaders that “we will not allow our children to be killed in order to cover up your crimes” – reports an article in Özgür Gündem.

Demirtaş made the statement prior to a meeting of HDP MP’s. In his assessment of current AKP policy toward the Kurdish movement, Demirtaş said “AKP power has sunk up its neck, and as a power that is up to its neck in corruption it is operating with desperation and rage in order to regain the position of one-party rule that was destroyed on June 7th. We saw in Diyadin in Ağrı the recklessness and callousness with which they are able to send their own soldiers out to die. In the cities, in the mountains, and in the hills, in prison and at home, every person for whose death you are responsibility is our person. We will not allow our children to be killed in order to cover up your crimes. This temporary government – which is up to its neck in corruption, bribery, theft and every other crime – should not doubt the resolve of the HDP.

We Are Doing Our Duty

Demirtaş continued, saying, “We have no palace, no great offices or positions, we have shoe boxes stuffed with the millions of dollars we have stole which we fear to lose. We came with nothing and we will leave with nothing. But we will not allow you take this country step by step into a civil war and a wider regional war. Let Turkish society rest assured, the HDP is here. And the HDP is doing its duty.”

Responding to calls from MHP Party Leader Bahçeli’s close to close the HDP, Demirtaş said “it is not surprising that those who posses a fascist ideology would dive head first into such politics.”

What is Davutoğlu remaining silent?

Demirtaş, recalling how Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said that “continuing the peace process had no meaning without laying down arms,” responded by saying “we are waiting for Davutoğlu to make a statement regarding the Dolmabahçe accord. Does Mr. Davutoğlu have no opinion we wonder? There is a document concerning the peace process with their signatures on it. Can a Prime Minister who sees himself in power temporarily be so spineless?

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