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Forest Planted In Kobanê In Memory Of Suruç Bombing Victims


Over 250 trees were planted in Kobanê in memory of the 32 people killed in the ISIS bombing of Suruç earlier this week, according to an article from DİHA carried at

Most of the victims were affiliated with the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations (SGDF) and had come to Suruç with plans to cross into Kobanê and take part in reconstruction efforts in the city.

The trees were planted at the base of Kanîya Kurda hill, the site of the some of the fiercest fighting during the Kobanê resistance, and will been known as the Suruç Martyrs’ Forest. The forest had been originally planned by the SGDF as a project to commemorate the fighters who were killed defending the city.

The trees were planted by members of the Rojava Democratic Youth Union (YCR) as well by members of the SGDF who crossed into Kobanê despite the attack. The planting ceremony, which took place yesterday evening, was attended by the Canton co-president Enver Mûslim, representatives of youth organizations, SGDF members, as well as many Kobanê residents.

Şirin Osman, a member of the YCR who spoke at the planting ceremony, condemned the attack on Suruç, saying that the attack was carried out by those who could not tolerate the spirit of peace and solidarity that had developed in Rojava. Osman, adding that they would continue to work to build bridges of brotherhood among youth, called on all the youth of Rojava to take responsibility for and defend the Rojava Revolution.

SGDF Central Committee Member Medine Özmez spoke after Osman, saying that they were planting this freedom garden in order to realize the dreams of her murdered friends and promising to keep their memory alive in their support of the revolution. Özmez added that “here we can once more see how strong our the bridges of brotherhood that our comrades wanted build. We stick together in this project in order to realize their dreams.”

Kobanê canton co-president Enver Mûslim spoke last, telling those present that they would continue to defend humanity despite all attacks, adding that those who came arm in arm to Kobanê under the slogan “we defended it together, we will rebuild it together” should be an example to all. He added that those who carried out this inhuman attack would not reach their desired goals.


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