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All Peoples Stand Shoulder To Shoulder Against ISIS In Rojava

Martyr Mihemed Trezan

As YPG/YPJ forces are carrying out operations to liberate villages in Serêkaniyê that have been occupied by ISIS gangs, Kurds, Arabs, Chechens, Syriacs and Yezidi peoples are living together peacefully in the Cizîre canton and Rojava more broadly – writes İsmail Eskin in an article for DİHA which appeared in Özgür Gündem.

The ‘Martyr Mihemed Trezan’ military battalion, which was formed by different peoples of the region and is operating together with the YPG against ISIS, is made up of Chechens, Kurds and Arabs. The battalion of Chechen, Arab and Kurdish fighters which we came across 13 days ago in the villages of Tolan, Ömeyir and Nuh – which had just been liberated by YPG forces – is a prime example of common defense.

We Take Strength From Kobanê

The commander of the battalion, Xalit Çaviş – who identifies himself as a Chechen and says that his people has lived for many years together with the Kurds – told DİHA that “there is no difference among us. We are fighting together for our lands and our honor.”

Çaviş added that it is not only the Kurds who want to see these areas cleared of the ISIS, saying “it is the duty of everyone to clean these lands of the gangs.” He went on to say that he saw no connection between himself and those Chechens fighting with ISIS [many of whom had come from outside Syria] and pointing to Kobanê as an example, declared that “we are fighting for our brothers in Kobanê. We are taking strength from the historical resistance in Kobanê.”

We Have Raised The Flag Of Revolution

Çavis, who employing the the hijri calendar explained that his ancestors came to Serêkaniyê in 1813, told DİHA that “when we came here we learned Islam from the Kurds.” He went on to speak of how the Chechens Kurdish and Arab peoples had founded Kobanê together, saying “with the Rojava revolution the ties between the peoples has increased. The gangs cannot stop it.” Çaviş ended by stressing that they were ready to give their lives in solidarity with people under the oppression of ISIS.

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