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Socialism And Rojava Festival


The conference of international  Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations celebrated its 20th year at an event hosted by by EMEP (Labor Party) in Istanbul, according to an article from Özgür Gündem. PYD co-president Asya Abdullah addressed the conference via video message to much acclaim, with those in attendance shouting slogans in support of Rojava, Kobanê and socialism.

Kobanês Marks Event Celebrating Socialism

The 20th International Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations Conference (CIPOML) took place at the Bostancı Exhibition Center in Istanbul. Sefa Taşkın, a miner who spoke at the event in the name of workers’ resistance, addressed the audience saying “First we will build working class power. This working class made this world, the capitalists will not run it. We have set our hearts on this task. We will do this for Deniz Gezmiş and for Ali İsmail Korkmaz. Thousands of greetings and warm regards to those comrades who have contributed to this wonderful evening and who have come from all around the world. I thank all of those here tonight and also those who could not fit into this hall.”

The YPG Will Win

Taşkın continued by addressing events in Rojava, saying “we are at a period in which years of struggle waged across the Middle East are having results. Kobanê is the signal flair. In the streets of Kobanê a battle is waging between ISIS, the representative of international imperialism, and the YPG, the representative of labor and the oppressed. In Kobanê two different ideologies are fighting. And without a doubt the ideology of freedom will prevail. The free woman will prevail. That barbarous mentality will be buried in the soil of Kobanê just as it was in Stalingrad.”

As HDP co-President Selahattin Demirtaş addressed the assembly he was frequently interrupted by slogans of ‘long live brotherhood among the peoples.’

Those in attendance also reacted enthusiastically when a recorded message was played from PYD co-president Abdullah. Abdullah told the crowd that “there was no life without women. We will all win together.”

EMEP General Secretary Selma Gürkan also addressed the crowd, saying “in the Middle East barbarism will be defeated and the working class and peoples will prevail.”

The event ended with the performance of revolutionary marches.

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