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Urfa Governor Admits ISIS Attacking Kobanê From Turkey


The state-appointed Governor (Vali) of Urfa Province, İzzettin Küçük, has admitted that ISIS has fighters in Turkey and is attacking Kobanê from the Turkish-side of the border, according to an article from DİHA appearing in Özgür Gündem.

The admission followed an ISIS attack on the Mürşitpınar Border Crossing which began at 05:00 local time this morning when a truck-bomb crossing from Turkey denoted along the border. According YPG officials, ISIS fighters also launched an attack on the border gate and the the city from positions within a unit of wheat-silos belonging to the TMO – a Turkish state organization.

Governor Küçük admitted that ISIS was attacking from Turkey in his meeting with HDP MP İbrahim Ayhan.

Clashes Continue

Fighting continues on three fronts around the Mürşitpinar border gate following the ISIS attacks from Turkey this morning. Heavy clashes broke out following the detonation of the first ISIS truck bomb earlier this morning.

ISIS fighters are also continuing in their attempts to infiltrate the city from the TMO wheat-silos along the Turkish side of the border and close to the border gate. Heavy clashes are also taking place on Kobanê’s Eastern, Western and Southern Fronts.

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