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Turkey Has Been Strategically Defeated In Kobanê


The follow article – “Türkiye stratejik olarak yenildi“ – was written by Veysi Sarısözen and originally appeared in Özgür Gündem. It has been translated into English below.

From a strategic perspective Turkey has suffered a major defeat in the nearly 25 day resistance [in Kobanê].

For that reason the international powers which have been coolly watching ISIS – a group around which they made a big gamble – have begun to “talk.”

When Obama said “we underestimated ISIS” he was not confessing. He was saying that the gamble which Erdoğan had made had the expected results. But because it was impossible for him to say this, he called this expected result “a small mistake which we made” and went on about having `underestimated” ISIS.

The United States did not underestimate ISIS. They chose to look the other way. And now that they see the results of the “terrorist gamble” which Erdoğan has made they have began to speak openly about what they have known for a long time.

The US Vice-President – or actually the “head chef in the kitchen” – Joe Biden spoke thus: “Our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria… What were they doing? They were so determined to take down Assad they poured in hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight Assad; except the people who were being supplied were al-Nusra, al-Qaeda and extremist elements of the Jihadis coming from other parts of the world…They have provoked a Sunni-Shia proxy war.”

“Now Saudi Arabia has stopped the funding going out. Saudi Arabia is allowing training on its soil of American forces. The Qataris have cut off their support for the most extreme elements of the terrorist organizations. And the Turks…President Erdogan told me, he is an old friend, ‘you were right we let too many people through.’ Now they are trying to seal their border.”

These words, which only reflect a small part of the reality, were drawn from Biden by the heroic resistance fighters in Kobanê. The Pentagon analyzed the Kobanê resistance wonderfully in reflecting on what had happened over the previous two days and in their last analysis they understood, even if they zigzagged here and there, that ISIS and more fundamentally Turkey had lost in Kobanê.

As soon as they understood this Biden spoke this way. With this speech the United States proclaimed it has suffered a defeat from the strategic perspective in the region.

The battle for Kobanê could go on a long time. Like in all battles there might be tactical victories and defeats in this battle. But in the same way that the Nazis suffered defeat at Stalingrad from a strategic perspective despite the fact that the battle would go on for two more years and cost millions of lives this is what is happening and will happen here.

Biden did not just blame Turkey in any old manner. He did just speak about “mistakes” and “errors.”

Biden accused Turkey of various crimes. He blamed it for starting a sectarian war, and of supporting a terrorist organization materially and militarily. And now the Council of Europe has taken in a historical decision in the course of its meetings around Kobanê in which it was said that “terrorists and their supporters must be put on trial.” Later the decision that came out read: “all states in the Middle East and more widely in the international community must condemn the violent actions and ethnic cleansing carried out by ISIS against different ethnic and religious groups and must unite their forces against the existing crisis and so that it does not repeat. All human rights violations much be investigated and those responsible should be held legally accountable.”

Turkey can no longer continue its gamble with ISIS. That road has been cut by the PYD together with the resistance fighters.

For the present as least Turkey’s dreams to establish its own hegemony over Rojava have fallen apart. But still waiting in the wings is the United States and European Union’s plans for a “Rojava without the YPG and PYD.”

Just as the blows dealt by the guerrillas to the gangs in Kobanê have disappointed Turkey’s dreams of expansion, victory in Kobanê and the liberation of the whole of Rojava will be a major blow to the plans of the global powers to break apart the Middle East, extract its riches and share its markets; and it will open the way for Öcalan’s dream of uniting Kurdistan while rendering borders meaningless, and of building a common confederal Middle East home and a society on a democratic national foundation formed from a synthesis of all ethnicities, religions, sects and cultures. The heroic defenders of Kobanê have become the hope and the spirit of humanity.

2 comments on “Turkey Has Been Strategically Defeated In Kobanê

  1. apt störtebembel
    October 7, 2014

    Walk on!

  2. LearningNow
    October 8, 2014

    As someone who is just starting to follow this situation, I’m not entirely sure I understand the thrust of this article. The author is saying that the gamble Turkey made was that it could ignore the Kurds and continue to support the opposition against Assad, and none of this would strengthen ISIS and everything would turn out fine?

    It’s because Turkey lost this gamble that the author is saying Turkey has suffered a “strategic defeat”?

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