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ISIS Bomb Factory In Turkey


A farm in the Reyhanlı district of Hatay Province is currently being used to produce munitions for ISIS, according to an article from DİHA and carried by Özgür Gündem.

Following the outbreak of the war in Syria the area has been gradually transformed into a base for ISIS and other like-minded groups. Under the pretence of providing humanitarian aid various organizations have founded hospitals and other societies in order to support these groups. Many medical facilities have been established in the center of Reyhanlı and the surrounding district to treat those who have been injured fighting in Syria. For example the heavily-guarded Emem Temporary Health Facility, located only 3 km from the Cilvegözü Border Crossing, is known to treat wounded ISIS members before sending them back into combat. Scores of organizations such as the Humanitarian Aid Society (IYD) and the Islamic Committee Of Damascus are said to provide logistical and material support to ISIS fighters with funds they collect both in Turkey and abroad. According to local residents ISIS fighters are driven back and forth from the border to the facilities of such organizations in private vehicles and the majority of them both work and recruit for ISIS.

Bombs Being Manufactured In Hatay

Locals also describe how the Demirler Farm on the Kırıkhan road between Reyhanlı and the provincial capital of Antakya has been converted into a bomb factory for ISIS. A local resident, who did not want to share his name out of fear for his safety, explained to DİHA that “the borders of this farm are entirely sealed off and has the status of an military zone into which no one is allowed to enter.” He went onto explain how there was large explosion on the farm 8 months ago which killed one person and injured another. Although officially said to be a cooking-gas explosion, no medical services were allowed access to the site other than those private organizations known to be close to ISIS. The source also explained how the Agricultural Credit Cooperative (TKK) located on Antakya-Reyhanlı had also been closed since the beginning of the war and is widely understood to be used as a weapons depo for ISIS.


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