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Fighting At Fifty Different Points Along Miştenûr Hill As Kobanê Holds On


(ANF) As the resistance in Kobanê approaches its 22nd day violent clashes continue around Miştenûr Hill, a strategically important site which overlooks the city to the west. Control of the hill is seen as crucial to holding the city.

ISIS, which has been attempting to capture the hill for more than 3 days, is now attacking with heavy weapons and artillery along 50 different points from the south to the west of Miştenûr, according to ANHA reporters on the front. The YPG and its allies continue to the resist the ISIS advance. ISIS fighters attempted 5 major assaults on the hill since last night. At times the fighting was hand-to-hand. At least 70 ISIS fighters were killed since this afternoon.

The YPG and its allies have been fighting ISIS for more than 20 days around Kobanê, which lies directly across the border from Turkey. The YPG has promised to defend the city to its last fighter.


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