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Turkish Soldiers Shoot Another Child From Rojava On Border


 (ANF) A 14 year old child from the Afrin Canton of Rojava has been wounded after being shot by Turkish soldiers while attempting to cross the border. (NOTE: Early ANF article reported he had died)

 According to information obtained from ANHA, the child – 14 year old Muhammed Ali – was attempting to cross the border on September 2nd near the village Dêr Siwan when Turkish soldiers opened fire. Struck three times, Ali was taken to a local hospital in Afrin in serious condition where he is recovering.

Ali had been crossing back and forth to North Kurdistan following the death of his father three years ago and out of a need to support his family.

Culture Of Immpunity Costing Tens Of Lives Every Year

 The Turkish military executes tens of people along the border every year with complete impunity. Until this day not one of these cases has been subject to any form of legal investigation.

 As recently as September 1st – World Peace Day -Turkish soldiers opened fire on two ANHA reporters who were attempting to document the construction of new ditches along the border. Fortunately no one was wounded or taken prisoner.

 On July 30th a 17 year old boy named Hüseyin Batar from the Cizîrê Canton of Rojava was shot and wounded by Turkish soldiers while fishing along the Tigris near the district of Cizre.

On June 30th a man from a village in the Afrin Canton was wounded in both legs by Turkish soldiers as he attempted to cross the border into Kilis.  

On June 27th an 18 year old youth named Ehmed Mihemed was killed between the villages of Dêrsiwane and Şiltehtê after his crossed back across the border from Kilis to the Efrin Canton when soldiers opened fire indiscriminately.

2 comments on “Turkish Soldiers Shoot Another Child From Rojava On Border

  1. wtf
    October 14, 2014

    Turkey is a duplicitous anti western country we cannot trust.
    Their history shows they are no different than isis.

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