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The Course OF Fighting In Kobanê In August


The YPG Press Center has released a statement in which they summarized the course of fighting between YPG forces and the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in the Kobanê Canton of Rojava over the month of August, according to a report from ANHA carried by Yeni Özür Politika.

According to the report 63 ISIS fighters were killed in fighting in Kobanê over the month of August. 8 members of the YPG and allied groups also lost their lives.

ISIS launched 8 attacks on Kobanê from the South, East and West, and made 2 attempts to capture villages in the vicinity. However ISIS was unable to advance while suffering significant lost. In addition to 63 dead hundreds of ISIS fighters are reported to have been wounded. The YPG also destroyed 8 mounted-machine guns, 6 other vehicles and a motorcycle. 4 other vehicles were damaged and rendered temporarily inoperable. 7 members of the YPG and 1 member of Şemis El Şemal were killed in the defense of Kobanê.

Villages Bombarded 39 Times

Over the course of August ISIS shelled villages in the South, East and West of Kobanê 39 times with heavy machine guns, mortars, tanks and artillery. The YPG also launched 4 operations agaisnt ISIS bases and liberated the village of Cadê from ISIS control on August 21st.

YPG Operations In Kobanê and Serêkaniye, Regime Bombing in Hasekê

The ISIS attack on Kobanê have continued into the month of September. Yesterday ISIS forces attacked the village of Talik to the west of Kobanê but were repulsed by the YPG. At least 3 ISIS fighters were killed.

YPG fighters also ambushed an ISIS convoy near the village of Kuaşkex in Serêkaniye, in the Cizîrê Canton of Rojava, destroying 3 ISIS vehicles and killing 3 ISIS fighters. Following the operation fighting broke out among ISIS fighters and 10 were killed in a subsequent explosion.

Meanwhile planes belonging to the Syrian regime targeted the Xiwêran neighborhood of Hasekê (Al-Hasakah) with barrel bombs beginning at 06:30 yesterday morning, local time. According to information now available the Xiwêran neighborhood, which is majority Arab, was struck by at least four barrel bombs. Exact casualty figures remain lacking.

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