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Turkish Army Build-Up On Syrian Border Near Afrin


(ANF/AFRİN) The Turkish army is building up on its Syrian border near Kilis-Afrin. It is also reported that they allowed a large number of militants to mass through the Azaz border crossing into Syria late Saturday evening and early Sunday morning. It also moved at least six tanks and other armored vehicles and a large number of anti-aircraft weapons to its bases along the border in that area.

The movements have largely occurred along the border between the villages of Mersava and Şilteht in the township of Sera on the Syrian-side and the villages of Bauğa and Karnebiye in the district of Kilis on the Turkish-side. According to information gathered from local sources three of the tanks were positioned near Bauğa and three more in the Afrin outpost between Karnebiyê and Şilteht. At least three anti-aircraft pieces were also positioned around the outpost.

A large number of soldiers were also reported to have accompanied the military equipment and in certain places the deep ditches dug along the border in recent weeks by the Turkish army have been filled in to allow easy passage.

Weapons Sent To Azaz At Night

The Turkish army has also allowed a large amount of militants to pass across the border to Azaz at night during the week. According to information obtained from the villages of Sico and Elekina, near the border crossing, Turkey is also sending a large quantity of weapons and munitions across the border. Local villages also confirm that men have crossed the border with these weapons but are unable to leave their houses out of fear and therefore cannot offer positive identification.

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