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YPG Liberates Another Village In Kobanê


The YPG has liberated another village in the Kobanê Canton from the Islamic State or Iraq and Sham (ISIS), according to a report from Özgür Güngdem.

The village of Geteş, to the west of Kobanê city center, was liberated last night (July 29th) following an ISIS offensive using tanks and heavy weapons. YPG/YPJ fighters responded to the attack by launching a counter offensive in which they succeeded in retaking the village of Geteş following violent clashes. A large number of ISIS fighters were reported to have been killed, but exact figures are not available. Fighting in the area continues.

Despite this setback ISIS is continuing its offensive to the west of Kobanê. In particular ISIS has been targeting the village of Cibnê with tanks, artillery and other heavy weaponry. The village is reported to have suffered severe material damage. Fighting is reported to be ongoing in this area as well.





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