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KNK: Rojava A National Concern


A group of 12 political parties, organizations and movements in Southern Kurdistan have come together under the umbrella of the Kurdish National Congress (KNK) in order to demonstrate their support for the Rojava Revolution, according to a report from ANHA and carried in Özgür Gündem.

KNK co-President Tahir Kemalîzade, speaking at the meeting, said “Kobanê’s resistance is showing freedom’s horizons to the whole of Kurdistan.”

Meeting on Kobanê in Silêmanî

The meeting took place in the Silêmanî offices of the Rojava Democracy Movement (TEV-DEM) and members of the KNK, the Hizba Ayîne, the PÇDK, the Zehmetkêşanî Kurdistan, the Yekgirtuy Islamî Kurdistan, the Tevgera Goran, the YNK, and the Komeley Mafê Mirovan took part together with prominent Kurdish intellectuals and a number of KRG MPs. The main topics on the agenda were recent developments in Kurdistan, support for the Rojava Revolution, and the ongoing attacks on Kobanê. Discussions around the administration of national support for Rojava Kurdistan and lifting the current embargo on Rojava also took place.

Common Position

KNK co-President Tahir Kemalîzade told those in attendance that “The gains that have been thus far in Rojava are not only Rojava’s but are in the service of the other four parts of Kurdistan. We should be one, and would should stand against the attacks on the Kobanê Canton with the same position, the same spirit and the same voice. Kobanê’s resistance is showing freedom’s horizons to the whole of Kurdistan.” At the conclusion of the meeting a decision was made to support the Rojava Revolution and to work to open the borders between the KRG and Rojava Kurdistan.

We Are The Voice Of Kobanê

As a campaign which began this month in the KRG’s southern province of Silêmanî continues to grow various locations have been set up around the city in order to collect support for the people of Rojava. One such center set up in the front of the Culture Tea House has been visited by a large number of KRG MPs, intellectuals and workers. Melle Nadir Elî, a member of the Support Initiative who was speaking at the center told those present that in the same way the people of Rojava had support the people of Southern Kurdistan in their difficult days that now the people of Southern Kurdistan must do likewise and for that reason this campaign had been launched. The name of the campaign is “We Are The Voice Of Kobanê” (Em dengê Kobanê ne).

Meaningful Support from Cizîrê to Kobanê

The Cizîrê has donated a half of a million dollars in material support to the Kobanê Canton as it continues to fight off a three front attack from forces attached to the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS). According to a statement given by the Kobanê Canton’s  Assembly of Democratic Autonomy the Defense Ministries of the Cizîrê Canton provided the aid and the members of the assembly offered thanks for their contribution.

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