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YPJ Fighters Kill 35 ISIS Members Near Kobanê


(ANF/KOBANÊ) Fighters with the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) have killed 35 members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in clashes in two villages near Kobanê.

According to a statement from the YPG Press Center the clashes took place in the villages of Beyada and Zormexar. ISIS forces attacked both villages at 22:30 local time yesterday evening (Thursday, April 3rd), where they encountered resistance from fighters with the YPJ. In the clashes that followed at least 35 ISIS members were killed – including two Saudis and one Tunisian – while many more were wounded. A large numbers of the bodies have been recovered by the YPJ.

The YPJ also recovered a Kalashnikov, a pistol, 37 Kalashnikov clips and 12 cartridge belts.

The ISIS – with from Turkey and the Gulf monarchies – have been attacking areas under control of the Kobanê Canton since the beginning of March, while avoiding any engagement with regime forces. The attacks are being launched on three different fronts from the East, West and South. According to both the YPG and the Rojava government the goal of the attacks is to occupy the Kobanê region.

The YPG has put up a fierce resistance, however, and in the last week the intensity of the attacks have decreased. The ISIS lost a particularly large number of fighters in an attempt to occupy the Kendal village in the district of Girê Spî (Arabic: Til Ebyad) and directly on the border with Turkey, where scores of ISIS members were killed.

According to local sources this wave of ISIS attacks has already largely been broken.

2 comments on “YPJ Fighters Kill 35 ISIS Members Near Kobanê

  1. lhp
    October 9, 2014

    soa giống cờ Việt Nam vậy

  2. DreamWalker26
    October 11, 2014

    Vietnam Flag!!! 😀

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