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The Contribution Of The Rojava Revolution To National Unity


This article was written by Seyit Evrin and appeared in Özgür Gündem. Its original title was “Rojava Devrimi’nin Kürt birliğine katkısı” and it was translated from Turkish to English by the Rojava Report.

The goal of the attacks now taking place [in Kobanê] is to distort the Rojava Revolution, to take control of the revolution and to drive it from its populist and liberatory course; it is a new plan for a new day. This time the KDP is behind this plan and in alliance with Turkey.

The new wave of attacks started with Turkey’s secret, classified plans which in reality are well known. Turkey does what it needs to do from its own perspective. Turkey, which has mixed up the elections with its tricks and surrendered the length of its border with Rojava to gangs, has become the central operating base of these gangs. Turkey’s plan is to continue these military attacks while passing on support to the gangs from Iran. Together with this Turkey continues to build new military bases along the border and to construct new walls of shame.

Moreover they continue to feed the ISIS within their own borders while calling it a violent organization. Let those AKP MPs who say “no we are not feeding them” look to the camp in Atme in the vicinity of Idlib and on the border with Reyhanlı that is said to have been set up for Syrian refugees. There one sees that many ISIS militants from Tunisia, Egypt, the Gulf, and various countries in Europe are residing and from there they enter Rojava and Syria to carry out attacks.

What is important here is what the KDP has done in the name of the Kurds. Following the most recent attacks against Kobanê the KDP has begun digging ditches and building walls on the border between South Kurdistan and Rojava just like Turkey has done on its border. This situation is once again evidence of how the same policies that Turkey follows against Rojava have also been used before by the KDP in many different circumstances. On one side the KDP is doing this; and on the other side it is holding a congress to unite both Azadi Parties – which it formed itself and which follows its line of politics – with the A. Hekim Beşar faction (El Parti) and the Fuat Aliko faction (Yetki). Actually this congress was held in secret last fall and the four parties were united and given the name KDP Syria. What was being done now was supposed to be simply a formality. However the congress did not go as the KDP wanted. And it did not get the result it wanted. Because the parties and the congress fell upon one another and the different branches began to blame one another. Likewise they have been unable to chose a party leadership. But there is something much more important than this. Representatives of the Yetkiti in Kobanê which needed to attend the conference announced that they were pulling out of the party as a result of the attacks which they witnessed against Kobanê and said that they would join the YPG and defend their lands. Once more 1,500 members of the El Parti in Kobanê have resigned from the party and announced to the public that they would join the YPG.  Upon this development the problematic congress in Hewler came to halt. In fact it can be said that it broke up without any real result.

These developments in Kobanê and in Rojava more widely are evidence of the realities of the Rojava Revolution and need to be seen as an awakening against Kurdish collaborationism. Because until now these parties have operated in the name of the Kurds and wanted to make the peoples of Rojava gifts for powerful factions in exchange for seats at the table. These developments demonstrate that real unity among Kurds must be around the Rojava Revolution. And it needs to be clear that any steps taken should taken in this direction.

These developments also show how far the KDP and those parties which it wants to take part in congresses in Hewler are from Kurdish Unity. It is once more evidence of how, far from unity, they want to be mere partners in the revolution. On this subject the words which HPG President Murat Karayılan said some time earlier are quite striking. Referring to these parties Karayılan said how what they wanted was not unity, but to be partners to the revolution. Because they want half of it all and attacked Kobanê for this reason and in the wake of the attacks the realities which have come out into the open have proven this.

Therefore it has once again become clear among Kurds which forces want unity and which forces are running after power. This unity must be founded on the Rojava Revolution and in the circumstances which the revolution itself has made clear. Therefore while speaking about the Rojava Revolution it is impossible to pass on without seeing its contributions to unity among Kurds.

Among all of these attacks, dirty policies and games the Rojava Revolution goes forward and work to complete the newly proclaimed Canton governments continues on pace. The work of the canton government is moving forward according to short, medium and long-term plans.

This work around the revolution is better understood every passing day and continues to grow in confidence. In fact it is just this which the KDP and those parties connected to it wanted to prevent.

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