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Thousands Protest Executions in Iran along Border

Thousands marched to the Iranian border earlier today in order to protest Iran's execution of Kurdish political prisoners

Thousands marched to the Iranian border earlier today in order to protest Iran’s execution of Kurdish political prisoners

Thousands of people have marched to Turkish-Iranian border in order to protest the execution by Iran of two Kurdish political prisoners last week, according to a report in ANF. The protests took place in front of the Esendere Crossing, located in the district of Yüksekova in the province of Colemêrg (Turkish: Hakkari).

The protests come at a time when a third execution has been approved by the Iranian courts and fears are growing for the fate of scores of Kurdish political prisoners still remaining in detention. The protesters were organized by the Yüksekova branch office of the BDP,  with the support of  local representatives of MEYA-DER, KURDÎ-DER, TUHAD-FED, the Yüksekova branch of Mothers for Peace, as well as numerous other civil society organizations.

The protesters chanted slogans such as “Without the President there is no life”, “Long Live the YPG”, “Down with the Iranian State”, and “Martyrs Never Die” while carrying posters and banners that read  “Iran do not test our patience our their rope will end up around your neck”, “PKK in the Mountains, YDG-H in the streets, all out resistance against all out destruction”, “This People will not except life without the leader” and “Out with the conspiring fascists.”

At the crossing itself, the co-President of the BDP’s Hakkari branch, Rahmi Kurt, declared that fascists were trying to silence the Kurdish people through oppression, saying “We condemn the attacks against Kurds that for decades have been carried out by imperialist powers who have divided the Kurds into four pieces.” After the speech the crowd returned to center of Esendere.

Street Clashes in Yüksekova
Meanwhile youths protesting the executions in Iran clashed with police in the center of Yüsekova. Police attacked the youth with tear gas and plastic bullets, while the youths responded with stones, fireworks and molotov cocktails. In one hour a fire broke out as a result of a tear gas capsule, and the house was severely damaged. As of 18:30 local time clashes were continuing.

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