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Karasu: PKK Agrees with KDP on Four Principal Points (Part II)

(ANF) What follows is the second part of an interview conducted by ANF with Mustafa Karasu, a member of the Executive Council of the PKK. In the interview Karasu discusses … Continue reading

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KCK Executive Council Releases Statement Concerning Imprisoned BDP MP’s

The KCK Executive Council has released a new statement concerning the denial of release to imprionsed BDP MP’s. According to an article in Özgür Gündem, the written statement is a … Continue reading

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The Rojava Legacy of Nuri Dêrsimî

(ANF) A grandson and namesake of Nuri Dêrsimî, one of the leaders of the Dersim resistance, is fighting in the ranks of the YPG. Known in the YPG as Baran … Continue reading

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Gangs Kidnap 170 Civilians in Afrin Including Women and Children

(ANF) The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an affiliate of al-Qaeda, has kidnapped 170 Kurdish civilians from the village of Ihris near the town of Ezaz is the … Continue reading

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Rojava Is The Legacy Of The Children We Have Lost

(DİHA) Mothers of the PKK fighters killed in the past consider the Rojava Revolution their own revolution, saying “Rojava is the legacy of our children. We are obligated to grow … Continue reading

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We Will Not Play The Game

(What follows is an English translation of “Oyuna gelmeyeceğiz” which originally appeared in Yeni Özgür Politika) The co-President of the Party of Democracy Unity (PYD) Salih Muslim has repeated the … Continue reading

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“Because I Don’t Know Turkish I Must Wash Dishes”

In an article by Serhat Korkmaz published on Bianet, Kormaz speaks with a Kurdish refugee family from Syria. Below is a translation of the article. “I was driving a taxi. … Continue reading

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Sahil Muslim in New Interview on Rojava

A new interview with Sahil Muslim by M. Ali Çelebi has been published in Özgür Gündem. Below is a translation of certain segments, in which Muslim talks about efforts to … Continue reading

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“The Coming Together of the Kurds is Frightening Certain Individuals”

The Preparatory Committee of the Kurdish National Conference has once again met in Hewler (Erbil), according to a new report in Özgür Gündem. Members of the committee, who are currently … Continue reading

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Thousands Protest in Van After Another Execution in Iran

Thousands gathered in the district of Özalp in Van Province in order to protest the government of Iran following another execution of a Kurdish political prisoner this morning in Seqiz … Continue reading

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