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Who Closed the Border Gate?

Crossing between the KRG and Rojava has been largely obstructed since last May

Crossing between the KRG and Rojava has been largely obstructed since last May

Controversy and anger continues to grow around the question of who exactly was responsible for the refusal to allow Salih Muslim to cross back into the KGR last week, according to a report in ANF. Muslim had gone back to Rojava following the death of his son, a YPG fighter who was killed in clashes with al-Qaeda earlier this month, and was attempting to return to Europe.

Upon his arrival in Europe after leaving Rojava by another route, Muslim told attendees at a conference that “the decision to obstruct [my passage] was taken by the KDP central office. However unlike what they said I did not go abroad through the auspices of Ankara, Tehran, Damascus or Baghdad, I went abroad through the genuine will of the Kurdish people.”

The KDP however has denied any responsibility, saying that it was the PYD who had closed the Sêmalka border gate. The PYD has put out many statements complaining that passage of humanitarian aid, as well as injured YPG fighters, was being obstructed by the KRG. However after recent events, including the capture of a second border gate farther south and continued obstruction by the KRG, the Kurdish High Council has decided to close the crossing for the time being.

YNK condems KDP

The Patriot Democratic Union (YNK), the junior partner in the KRG government, also blamed the KDP. The Secretary of the party’s Central Committee, Adil Murad, wrote on his Facebook page that “The KDP leadership’s illegitimate decision taken against the militants of the Kurdish people in Syria serves a Turkish policy that wants to suffocate and destroy the Kurdish liberation struggle.”

Closure of the PÇDK Office in KRG

Meanwhile, the local offices of the Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party (PÇDK) – the sister party of the PYD in Southern Kurdistan and a member of the Kongra Gel – was forcibly closed on the evening of the 28th of October. The government, however, came no reason for the closure. PÇDK officials have called the move unconstitutional and indicative of the near-complete control which the KDP exercises over the star.

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