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Large Demonstrations Planned for Rojava on World Peace Day

Major demonstrations have been called for September, 1st - World Peace Day

Major demonstrations have been called for September, 1st – World Peace Day

Demonstrations are being organized in major cities in Turkey such as Diyarbakır, Istanbul, Mersin and Van for September 1st – World Peace Day – to call for an end to the fighting in Rojava and a democratic solution to the conflict in Kurdistan.

Speaking at a press conference of civil society organizations yesterday, the president of the Diyarbakır branch of the Electronic Engineers Association, İdris Ekmen, called for people to attend the demonstration in Diyarbakır, saying:

“Groups supported by Turkey and other countries in the regions are attacking the people of Rojava and trying to strangle its revolution. These powers that have used every kind of savagery in the war in Syria are also using them against Rojava. They are trying to break Rojava’s resistance with massacres and starvation and to force its surrender…

Doubt has begun to be expressed about a the process of a democratic solution when the September 12th Constitution remains in effect and Kurdish identity and language are not constitutionally recognized. An end to the Kurdish issue does not only mean the end of fighting. A democratic solutions means thats Kurds are recognized as a people and that a model is provided that allows for democracy, equality and brotherhood between peoples….

We now have more of a responsibility than ever. That is why is it is necessary for hundreds of thousands of people to come to Diyarbakır’s İstasyon Meydanı on September 1st, World Peace Day, and to cry out for peace with one voice while putting forward their democratic demands. On this years’ World Peace Day will take ownership of the revolution in Rojava and the process leading toward a democratic solution…

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