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The Situation in Some Areas of Rojava Improving

Despite continuing clashes, some locals driven from their homes after attacks by Islamist militants are beginning to return. According to a report in today’s Özgür Gündem villagers who fled from areas to the west of Kobanê were able to move back over the past couple of days.


Some refugees in Rojava are returning home

However fighting still continues in many areas. Yesterday morning there were further clashes around Serêkaniyê and Girkê Legê, with up to 49 Islamic fighters killed as they attempted to capture areas around the border crossing, for a total of 57 dead in a 48-hour period, according to figures given by the YPG. At least 10 of the bodies were left behind, and the funeral rites performed by the YPG. Two YGP fighters were also said to have killed in the most recent fighting.

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