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Civil Defense Force Founded In Nisêbîn



Local youth have formed a new civil defense force in the border-city of Nisêbîn (Turkish: Nusaybin), where martial law has been declared 6 times in recent months – reports an article from Özgür Gündem carried in DİHA. The defense force –  named the Yekîneyên Parastina Sivîl (YPS), or ‘Civil Defense Units’ – has as its primary objective the defense of local neighborhoods from attacks by Turkish state security forces.

The announcement of the formation of the YPS in Nisêbîn, where locals have been subjected to 11 days of military curfew over recent weeks, follows the formation of the YPS in Cizre earlier this week.

The announcement was marked with a ceremony attended by many local YPS members and was followed by a statement.

‘The Just Struggle of the Kurdish and Turkish People’

The statement read in part: “The declaration of self-government in many provinces of Kurdistan in 2015 took place as a reaction to the policies of neglect, assimilation and genocide on part of the occupying state. This alone does not account for the existence and desire for self-government. But for years the occupying state has wanted to destroy the Kurdish people through forced migration, as well as physical and cultural genocide. Today too they cannot tolerate even the most legitimate demands of the Kurdish people and they continue in their fascist and predatory attacks on the will of the Kurdish people. Our people are developing their own self-defense against these attacks through the leadership of our women and youth as is their human right. The occupying Turkish state has forcibly evacuated 4 thousand villages, committed thousands of murders and disappearances as well as arrests and torture in an attempt to break and destroy the will of the Kurdish people. They have killed many innocent people on these streets. Thousands were thrown into prison for advocating on behalf of their language and culture. Airstrikes were carried out against civilians. If these airstrikes which have been launched are not terrorism then what is terrorism? Today on the streets of Kurdistan they are killing women and children, the old and young. Self-defense against such terrorism is the most legitimate right of the Kurdish people. This struggle belongs as much to the Turkish people and all humanity as it does to the Kurdish people. Both world and Turkish public opinion must not remain silent in the face of these barbaric attacks.”

‘Everyone Should Join the Ranks of the YPS’

The statement went on to call on everyone to take part in the newly formed defense units, reading ‘At the same time everyone should take part in this resistance. Moreover we salute the people’s resistance in Farqîn, Cizîr, Silopiya, Kerboran, Sur and Derik. We the young of the people’s resistance of Nisêbîn are celebrating and saluting the formation of the YPS-Botan. With communal and democratic values and under the leadership of the Leader Apo we will increase our struggle as the YPS Nisêbîn, a branch of the YPS-Botan, and we will defend our people against the attacks of the occupying state. We are calling on our entire people, and in particular the women and youth, in accordance with these principles. Come and join the ranks of the YPS and take responsibility for this will.”

Following the statement those present broke into slogans of ‘Bijî Serok Apo’ (Long live president Apo) and ‘Bijî berxwedana gelê Kurd’ (Long live the resistance of the Kurdish people).

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