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YPG Leads Multi-ethnic Force Defending Al-Hasakah From ISIS


The YPG is leading a multi-ethnic force defending Hesekê (Al-Hasakah) against continuing ISIS efforts to capture the city, says an article in today’s Özgür Gündem. In addition to YPG and YPJ, local public security units (asayış) and self-defense units (HPC), as well as from fighters from the ethnically Arab Quwet al-Senedid are also taking part in the resistance.

A statement released by the YPG explained that in response to the ongoing ISIS offensive against the city the YPG and affiliated forces launched an operation against ISIS positions in the Xwêran neighborhood in the south of Hesekê, killing at least 4 ISIS fighters.

The YPG statement also confirmed the deaths of two YPG fighters who had been wounded during fighting in the Pira Spî neighborhood of Hesekê on July 11th. According to the statement the fighters later succumbed to their wounds despite all efforts to save them.

The Quwet al-Senedid, which is composed predominantly of local Arabs from the Shemer tried, is also playing a major role in the defense of Hesekê. Senedîd was first formed in 2013 under the auspices of the YPG and is integrated within the YPG’s command structure. Ehed el-Shemeri, a fighter with the Quwet al-Senedid, told Özgür Gündem that they had taken up the call of the local people and established themselves in defensive positions in the villages around Hesekê. Another fighter from the Quwet al-Senedid, Faris el-Zobei, said that his unit were taking part in the defense east of the city in order to halt the ISIS offensive.

The Quwet al-Senedid has taken an active role within many YPG operations in the Cizîre canton since its formation two years ago.

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