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Women Of The YPJ: Our Battle Will Continue


The following article – ‘YPJ’li kadınlar: Savaşımız devam edecek’  – was written by Rojda Korkmaz and Kadri Özkan for DIHA and appeared in Özgür Gündem. It has been translated into English below.

The women of the YPJ who helped to lead the resistance in Kobanê are once again at the forefront during operations to clear the surrounding villages. Negris, an YPJ fighter on the Western front lines, told DIHA “with our struggle we defeated a mentality which looked upon women as slaves. Today Kobanê is not sad, today Kobanê is full of color” stressing that women would could continue their battle on the front.

The YPG/YPJ fighters who liberated the city center are now continuing their advance in the rural areas of Kobanê. In recent weeks they have made significant advances on the Eastern, Western and Southern fronts and are continuing their operations against ISIS. Women of the YPJ, who helped to lead the Kobanê resistance, are also taking part in these operations and fighting in the forward most positions. Some are also taking part in preparations for the operations while others occupy important positions within their command structure. Those on the front, some less than 1km from ISIS positions, are planning and carrying out their operations with great diligence and with the same determination which they showed in the 134 resistance and victory in the Kobanê city center.

On The Front

With met with Hevjin, a YPJ fighter in the western village of Qiran who is to take part in an operation against a nearby ISIS position set to begin within a couple of hours. Hevjin, who took part in the resistance since the beginning of the fighting, told DIHA “ISIS, the enemy is just a few kilometers ahead. However our moral is high. From the beginning of the resistance until now we have helped to lead in this battle. We have advanced our own struggle and will continue to do so.” Hevjin stressed that the YPJ would continue in their operations against the gangs still occupying their land with the same determination they showed in the city center, recalling the memory of Arin Mirkan, Ronhai and the other women fighters who had lost their lives defending Kobanê. With an attitude that once again exhibited the determination of the YPJ she said “we will continue our advance directed at defeating this conspiracy and we will liberated the whole of our lands.”

Today Kobanê Is Full Of Color

As we move forward along the Western front we come across Nergis, the YPJ fighter from Efrin who is known for giving voice to the song “Kobanê iro xemgine” (Today Kobanê Is Sad) while injured in the fighting. We speak to Negris, who left her treatment when it was only half-way finished to return to the front, as she is about to move into position. Negris, who was responding to our questions as she finished her preparations, explained the women’s struggle with by saying “with our struggle we defeated a mentality which looked upon women as slaves.” Adding that “today Kobanê is not sad, today Kobanê is full of color” she quickly walked away on her way to take her post, once more exhibiting the YPJ’s determination to achieve victory.

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