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HDP Proposes Creation Of Ministry Of Women

Pervin Buldan

Pervin Buldan, the Group Deputy Chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and a MP from Iğdır, announced the party’s proposal to create a Ministry Of Women – according to an article from IMCTV. The purpose of the Ministry Of Women would be to advocate for policies to strengthen gender equality in society. The HDP offered further recommendations to strengthen the position of women in economic, cultural and political fields, including:

-Policies to prevent violence against, sexual assault and exploitation of women

-Educational programs to raise consciousness around gender equality at all grade levels

-Laws to combat discrimination, violence and hate crimes stemming from homophobia and transphobia

-Support for women’s initiatives and the formation of living spaces for women facing violence

-Policies to provide for the equal participation of women in politics

-The creation of alternative economic models including women’s cooperatives

-Increased budget allocations for work around gender mainstreaming

A further bill put forward by the HDP would create a Women’s Status Commission that would include a General Directorate for the Status of LGBTİ persons and bring together all organizations working in the field of women’s and gender rights and would meet at least once a year.

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