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Kobanê People’s Assembly Co-President: The Streets Are Full Of ISIS Corpses


(ANF/URFA) Kobanê People’s Assembly Co-President Ayşe Efendi has told Rojnews that many parts of Kobanê are littered with dead ISIS fighters, saying “the streets are full of corpses. For this reason there is a danger of epidemic.”

Ayşe Efendi, who is currently across the border from Kobanê in the district of Suruç in Urfa province, spoke about ongoing developments in the city. Efendi said that many parts of the city which had been captured by ISIS had been retaken owing to the resistance of the YPG/YPJ and that large parts of the city had been liberated.

Efendi underlined that that ISIS, which had concentrated its forces last night for a new attack on the city, had been dealt a severe blow., saying:

“Right now the YPG and YPJ have the initiative in a large section of Kobanê. ISIS has suffered many losses in the recent days’ fighting. The streets of Kobanê are full of corpses. For this reason there is a danger of epidemic. Right now ISIS is in a very difficult situation. For this reason they want to take over the border crossing to Turkey and open a corridor. For the last 4-5 days they are trying to accomplish this. However they have been unsuccessful. They are losing 10s of fighters everyday. Now and then they are employing chemical weapons.”

The Youth Should Turn Toward Kobanê

Ayşe Efendi also evaluated the coalition airstrikes, saying “the coalition forces are hitting ISIS at strategic locations. If these attacks are more effective it will have a great impact on ISIS. Since yesterday some weapons and ammunition depots were struck in Rakka and Girê Spî (Til Ebyad) and this was a very good thing. Striking these targets prevents help from coming from those places.”

Efendi said that all parts of Kurdistan needed to struggle for Kobanê and made a call on Kurds – and particularly the Kurdish youth – to continue the struggle around Kobanê, saying:

“All Kurds and particularly Kurds in South Kurdistan must fight for Kobanê. If Kobanê falls then the whole of Kurdistan will fall. Let everyone know this. Let our people leaving in South and North Kurdistan and in Europe escalate their actions. Let them remain on the streets as long as possible. Let the Kurdish youth turn toward Kobanê.Let them join the ranks of the YPG and YPJ against the ISIS gangs.”

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