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Over 1,250 ISIS Fighters Killed in Kobanê Over Past Month


(ANF) Today is the 30th day in ISIS’s attack on Kobanê. According to figures today released by the YPG 1,294 ISIS fighters have been killed in the fighting thus far. Ten tanks and a large number of military vehicles have also been destroyed and a large number of military equipment has been captured.

Kobanê, which has been under siege by ISIS for a year and a half, has been under heavy attack since September 15th. The goal of ISIS, which has brought up reinforcements from its centers as far away as Mosul and Rakka, was to capture Kobanê quickly. However owing to the resistance of YPG and YPJ fighters they were unable to carry out their plan. ISIS, which wants to lessen the pain of its defeats in Jezza, Sinjar Til Hemis and Rabia, wanted victory in Kobanê and began attacking on all three fronts around the city with heavy weapons.

ISIS has intensified its attacks on Kobanê with weapons captured from the Syrian and Iraqi armies and the support of Turkey. However the open support given to the gangs by Turkey has been noticed by the public.

On September 20th Turkey sent 5 trucks full of rockets and heavy machine guns. These arms were delivered to ISIS near the village of Qeremox in the El-Bet region of the Kobanê canton. This support has been documented on multiple occasions. The ISIS gangs, receiving support from Turkey and other regional powers, have massacred scores of civilians around Kobanê including children, women and the elderly. The gangs, now attacking the city center, have been dealt serious blows over recent days and have lost many of their forward positions. In fighting with the YPG/YPJ over the course of the last month 1,294 ISIS have been killed and a large quantity of military equipment and weapons were captured.

Fighting Over The Past Month

Week 1

The YPG has been involved in a merciless resistance to ISIS gangs since they began to attack Kobanê on September 15th. In the first week of the fighting there were 17 major clashes. 232 ISIS fighters were killed. 4 tanks’ 20 military vehicles, and 7 truck-mounted dushkas were destroyed. 17 kalashnikovs, 2 M-16s, 1 motor launcher, 1 BKC machine gun, 1 rocket launcher and various military equipment were seized. A total of 32 YPG and YPJ fighters also lost their lives in these clashes.

Week 2

In the second week of the fighting two ISIS headquarters were destroyed, along with 4 tanks, 3 dushkas (23 ve 14.5), 9 military vehicles, 1 humvee, 2 motorcycles and one mortar launcher were destroyed. 7 kalashnikovs were also captured. In this week’s fighting 294 ISIS fighteres were killed. 32 YPG/YPJ fighters also lost their lives. They also carried out 5 suicide (fedai) attacks on the city’s western front. 5 fighters from the Burkan El-Firat also lost their lives.

Week 3

As fighting intensified in the third week the ISIS gangs were dealt many hard blows. 2 tanks, three motor launchers (2 23s and 1 14), one humvee, 7 military vehicles, and truck bomb (together with two occupants) were destroyed. 10 kalashnikovs, 1 B7 Karnas sniper rifle, and 2 night-vision binoculars were captured. Over the course of the week fighting broke out at 50 different points and 351 ISIS gang members were killed. A total of 41 YPG/YPJ fighters were also killed. It was this week that Arîn Mîrxan killed tens of ISIS fighters with her suicide (fedai) attack and became the symbol of Kobanê among the Kurds and the world. 4 Burkan El-Firat fighters also lost their lives.

Week 4

As a result of the stiff resistance shown by the YPG/YPJ and the people of Kobanê a strategic area controlled by ISIS was liberated. 4 military vehicles, 1 transport vehicle full of arms, 3 trucks, 5 truck bombs, 1 motorcycle, 1 57. mortar launcher, 3 RPGs with ammunition, 21 light weapons, 16 kalashnikovs, 3 BKCs and a large quantity of ammunition were captured. 417 ISIS gang members were killed in the course of the week’s fighting. 24 YPG/YPJ fighters – including YPJ commander Rojda Axîn – also lost their lives in the fighting.

3 comments on “Over 1,250 ISIS Fighters Killed in Kobanê Over Past Month

  1. mato48
    October 16, 2014

    Keep on the work! you have friends all over the world.

  2. Karl-Johan, Diren, Ester, Rodi
    December 1, 2014

    We pray for your safety, strength and success in every move – for freedom and finally peace.

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