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Simultaneous Attacks On Kobanê From ISIS And Turkish State


(ANF) Two people were killed today when ISIS launched a rocket attack on Kobanê. At the same time Turkish soldiers attacked the protest camp across the border in Suruç.

According to information from local sources, ISIS attacked Kobanê with Grad rockets. Two civilians have been killed and two more seriously injured in the attacks, which are still continuing. ISIS also launched a Grad rocket attack on the Kobanê city center on September 18th, which resulted in extensive damage but no loss of life.

The Russian made rockets have a range of between 5 and 45 km. ISIS also now possesses many other heavy weapons such as American made thermal rockets, modern mortars, anti-aircraft weapons, tanks, and German-French made Milan anti-tank missiles. The Turkish state has also been regularly providing ISIS with tanks and other modern weapons.

ISIS is currently employing such weapons in violent clashes with the YPG in the village of Mersmele to the east of Kobanê. The fighting in the area is ongoing.

The Turkish State Launches Simultaneous Attack

The Turkish state sent its soldiers to attack the protest camp at Suruç during the same hours that ISIS was launching rockets at Kobanê.

Beginning in the village of Etmanik, Turkish soldiers also attacked protest camps in the villages of Dewşan and Bêdhê with water cannons and tear gas. The attack is ongoing.

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