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Turkish Soldiers Filmed With ISIS Fighters Near Kobanê


A new report from Özgür Gündem provides further documentation of the coordination between the Turkish army and Islamic State (ISIS) fighters in the fighting around Kobanê, where the YPG has been resisting a major ISIS offensive since September 15th.

Photographic evidence shows an ISIS position naer the village of Merdisimêl directly across the border from a Turkish army base in Suruç. ISIS is using the position to attack Kobanê with mortar and heavy machine-gun fire as the Turkish soldiers looks on.

The images suggest a high degree of coordination between ISIS and the Turkish army. They show  Turkish military vehicles and ISIS humvees appearing in the same photograph, and ISIS fighters relaxing across from Turkish army positions and passing freely along the railroad demarcating the border on motorcycles without any interference from the Turkish army.

Earlier today ISIS fighters also were captured on a IMCTV live broadcast from the border crossing from Turkey into Syria right in front of the Turkish army.

A large number of Turkish tanks have also been positioned along the border, amid closed-door debates in Turkish parliament about military intervention in Syria.

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