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YPG: Cezaa Resistance Will Continue Until Victory


YPG spokesperson Rêdûr Xelil addressed members of the press in the city of Girkê Lêgê yesterday morning concerning the ongoing fighting between the YPG and ISIS in Cezaa, on the border between the Sinjar (Kurdish: Şengal) region of South Kurdistan and Rojava, according to a report from ANF and carried by Özgür Gündem.

Over the past week ISIS has concentrated forces from across Iraq and Syria in an attack on Cezaa. It has also made frequent use of heavy weapons.

Xelil reported that YGP forces in conjunction with Sinjar Defense Units (YBŞ) had killed hundreds of ISIS fighters, including three commanders, since the fighting began in the city on August 19th. Xelil told the press that “DAİŞ (ISIS) and its supports have seen their plans spoiled by this resistance.  Our resistance will continue from now until victory.”

He went on to explain that the goal of the ISIS attacks on Cezaa was to break the ties between Rojava and Sinjar, saying “right now we are passing through a very delicate situation. DAİŞ gangs are attacking the Sinjar region and the town of Cezaa with all their forces. The goal of these attacks are to roll back the gangs of the Kurdish people. Our YPG forces have planned a large and important role in spoiling the plans and defeating the attacks of the DAİŞ gangs. As of this moment 23 of our comrades have been martyred in the ongoing fighting. Hundreds of gang members have been killed, including three commanders.”

He went on to reiterate the YPG’s objectives of the liberation the lands of Kurdistan and the defense of the rights of all the people who live there, and to pay respect to the sacrifices of its fighters, saying “we as the YPG General Command commemorate of all our martyrs of the Cezaa resistance with respect and gratitude. We renew our pledge to make their memory live in our struggle and to take responsibility for our peoples.”

The Goal Is To Break The Ties Between Rojava and Sinjar   

Xelil gave an explanation for the attack in ISIS’ wish to cut off the Sinjar region from Rojava, saying“the DAİŞ attacks on Cezaa had specific goals. Above all else they wanted to cut off the route between Cezaa and Sinjar and to carry out the massacre in Sinjar that they were unable to completely accomplish. They were aiming to to take revenge on the Kurdish people in the form of YPG fighters, to break the will of the YPG fighters and push on toward the town of Rimêlan. However our fighters have put of a heroic resistance and prevented this plan from reaching its dirty objectives. DAİŞ and its supports have seen their plans spoiled by this resistance.  Our resistance will continue from now until victory.”

 Finally Xelil emphasized that the YPG, YBŞ and HPG would continue to fight shoulder to shoulder against the gangs and for the liberation of the four parts of Kurdistan.

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