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Karayılan Issues Stern Words For ISIS, Threatens New Measures


HPG General Staff Commander Murat Karayılan has warned ISIS that it has further methods at its disposal to counter its terror, according to a report from Yeni Özgür Politika. Karayılan – who was speaking at an event to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the August 15th Push (15 Ağustos Atılım) – added that ISIS would come to regret its actions.

Karayılan called the current ISIS aggression in Syria and Iraq an attack on the gains of the Kurdish people, saying “here I am speaking first and foremost in the name of the HPG. To the international gang that is ISIS. ISIS. The Kurdish people are not alone. Know this. If you continue these attacks, we have methods that we can employ. And we will employ them. You will rger this. End your savagery at once. Commit no more acts of savagery. Until now your bosses had been the Baath regime which had so many committed atrocities in the West and South (Kurdistan). Now you are once again committing the same atrocities. There is no place in any philosophy for such atrocities. There is no place in the religion of Islam. In the 21st Century the whole world is watching the savagery being committed against the Kurdish people.”

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