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Tens Of Thousands Attend Funeral Of Baran In Amed


Tens of thousands of mourners have gathered in the Diyarbakir for the funeral of Ramaz Baran, one of two people killed yesterday when Turkish soldiers opened fire on protesters in Lice, according to an article from DİHA and carried in Özgür Gündem.

Baran lost his life along with Baki Akdemir during a military crackdown yesterday in the village of Bîryas (Çalıbükü) in the district of Lice in Diyarbakir province. Protesters have been resisting attempts by the Turkish military to build more bases in the region.

The funeral procession began at the Kurşunlu Mosque in the Fiskaya neighborhood, where Baran’s body had been brought from the Dicle University Hospital’s morgue the previous evening. Mourners gathered in the early hours of the morning in the courtyard of the mosque where funeral prayers were conducted. Later thousands mourners accompanied his coffin to the Yenişehir cemetery, where he laid to rest. Many chanted slogans such as “Şehît namirin” (martyrs do not die) “Şer Şer Şer, em aşiti naxwazin” (war, war, war we do not want peace). HDP co-Presidents Ertuğrul Kürkçü and Sabahat Tuncel, HDP Batman MP Ayla Akat At, Diyarbakir co-Mayors Gültan Kışanak and Fırat Anlı were also present.

Scores of youth lined the roads holding signs reading “Revenge-YDG-H” and carrying flags of the PKK. City residents called out from their balconies and motorists sounded their horns as the procession passed toward the cemetery. As the procession reached the Bağlar district the size and anger of the crowd grew. Youth threw stones at the Headquarters of the Second Air Tactical Command, as well as markets such as BİM and A-101 known to be close to the ruling AKP. Protesters all tore down a Turkish flag at a guardpost by the military airport.

Baran’s body was taken to the martyrs section of the cemetery, reserved for members of the PKK, while his coffin was yellow, red and green – the national colors of Kurdistan. After he was laid to rest mourners sang the “Çerxa Soreşê” in his honor.

HDP co-President Kürkçü spoke briefly following the funeral, telling those present that two people died as a result of the state’s madness and stressed that peace would not come through such practices. Kürkçü went on to say “Mr. Öcalan speaks of a particular road by which the people can achieve peace. On the other hand the AKP government is carrying out massacres against the people.”

‘One Ramazan has died, a thousand have been born’

Following Kürkçü’s remarks Baran’s father Cevdet Baran made some short remarks, saying “today one Ramazan has died, but thousand Ramazans have been born. Today are the youth there are here are each a Ramazan.”

After the funeral hundreds of youth marched toward Sento Avenue where police had crossed the roads. Clashes soon broke out in the neighborhood and are reported to be continuing.

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