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Army Opens Fire In Lice, Four Reported Dead


Reports coming Lice, where local people have been demonstrating again military base construction for 14 days, say that at least four protesters lost their lives today in an army crackdown. According to an article in Özgür Gündem, at least four people – including a woman around the age of 50- died today in clashes around the village of Biryas (Yukarı Çalıbükü) in the district of Lice. Meanwhile, four more protesters were injured violent clashes continued near in the village of Cellik.

According to a statement made by Lice co-mayor Harun Erkuş, a youth named Ramazan Baran, an unidentified woman in her 50’s, and another man named Hacı were shot and killed by Turkish soldiers in the village of Kıralan. Another youth named Abdullah Akkalu was seriously injured. Both Baran and Akkalu, aged 19, were transported to the Dicle University Medical School Hospital. While Baran lost his life, efforts to save Akkulu, who is reported to have suffered a gunshot wound to the neck, are continuing.

Details of the violence continue to emerge and there remains some confusion to the actual location of the deaths, with local sources saying they occurred in Biryas (Yukarı Çalıbükü) while others have pointed Kıralan. As soldiers opened protesters are reported to have scattered into surrounding fields, and efforts continue to search for more dead and wounded in the area. According to the information available locals have not yet been able to reach the bodies of three protesters, including one woman.

In addition the deaths in Biryas (Yukarı Çalıbükü) the army launched a violent crackdown against protesters in the region of Cellik, which had been the center of the recent unrest over base construction in Lice. At least four local protesters are reported to have been wounded. One of the wounded is known to be Ahmet Arslan, a student at Dicle University.


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