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Turkish State Continues To Kill Civilians In Nisêbîn



The military curfew in Nisêbîn (Nusaybin) has entered its 8th day, with attacks by Turkish police and soldiers still ongoing – reports an article in Özgür Gündem.

In the course of the crackdown Turkish security forces have killed numerous civilians, inducing a 45 year-old, pregnant mother Nurhan Kaplan. Kaplan was gunned down in front of her house on Tekin Street near the site of the Newroz square when police opened fire randomly during operations in the Abdulkadirpaşa Neighborhood of Nisêbîn. Local residents carried her in a blanket to an ambulance on the other side of the Ahmet Kaya bridge but she later died in hospital.

Seven civilians have been killed and 15 wounded in the 8-day siege. Muhammet Altınkaynak was killed last night by State gangs in the Abdullkadir Paşa neighborhood and his body was taken to the Nusaybin state hospital morgue, from where it was taken to Mardin State Hospital for autopsy earlier today.

A 19 year-old youth named Musur Aslan was also killed last night, while 55 year-old Emin Öz committed suicide after being unable to take her sick mother to hospital because of the military curfew. A woman named Rabia Bağtur is also reported to have been injured in last night’s attacks.

It is reported that all electricity, water and internet has been cut in the city and locals are fearing further massacres.


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