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Books For Rojava


(ANF) A campaign has been launched to collect books for the newly opened Mesopotamia History and Sociology Academy in the city of Qamişlo, in the Rojava Canton of Cizîre.

The academy, which first opened on on September 2nd, aims to offer an alternative model of education in the canton in order to challenge “educational systems formed by the forces of power and hegemony.”

The goal of the campaign – which was launched by university students with the slogan “give the present of a book to the Mesopotamia Academy” – is to collect books from every discipline and in every language in order to establish a multilingual library for the Academy.

Information and details about the campaign can be found at their facebook page.

2 comments on “Books For Rojava

  1. Jan Best de Vries
    October 29, 2014

    I could bring English books with me in the second half of December 2014 (when I fly with my Iranian Peshmerga friend Azad Kardoi to Erbil). Is there any address in Erbil representing Rjava on which I could deliver both?

  2. Jan Best de Vries
    October 29, 2014

    Actually we are also goin to buy Kalashnikovs for Rojava. What kind of English books do you need for Mesopotamia University?

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