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Turkish Foreign Minister Defends ISIS Against Accusations Of Terrorism


The Foreign Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoğlu defended the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) from accusations of terrorism, blaming instead the governments of Iraq and Syria for the current violence in the region, according to a report from Özgür Gündem.

The comments came in the wake of an ISIS offensive in Iraqi Kurdistan over the past five days which has displaced hundreds of thousands and amid widespread reports that ISIS fighters were committing atrocities again Yezidi, Christian and Shia civilians in the region.

The Foreign Minister made the comments on a television program in which he seemingly defended ISIS from the “terrorist” or “radical” label. Davutoğlu told viewers that “a structure such as ISIS can seem like a radical or terrorist structure but there are different groups involved. There are Sunni Arabs, there are a significant amount of Turkmens.” He went on to add that while many were quick to point the finger at ISIS the Syrian and Iraqi regimes were the real cause of the trouble, saying “If Sunni Arabs had not been excluded in Iraq, the provinces of Mosul and Anbar would not be in such a rage today. Like in Syria if there had not been a government of a group representing 12% of society then it would not have been like this and these things would not have happened. There is a community whose rage has built up to a considerable extent.”

4 comments on “Turkish Foreign Minister Defends ISIS Against Accusations Of Terrorism

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  2. Oded Haber
    August 11, 2014

    The only on-the-ground opposition to ISIS are the Pesh Merga. If they are strong, like with lethal aid from the west, support for Kurdistan is strong. That scares the Turkish government so much that they try to make the case against declaring ISIL terrorist, so they can oppose arming the Kurds.

    Erdogan, Davutoğlu and their corrupt cronies would let the Kurds in Iraq (and Syria?) be wiped out rather than countenance an independent Kurdish state. Genocide of Christians, Yazidis, and others would just be collateral damage to that overriding goal.

    What parallels this insanely cruel and short-sighted policy? Maybe the USSR’s army approaching Warsaw in August 1944. The Poles in Warsaw rose up against their Nazi occupiers, hoping the Red Army would back them up (and soaking up Nazi forces to make that easier). The Soviet deliberately waited around outside Warsaw while the Nazis wiped out the opposition and destroyed the city. ( They didn’t want an effective Polish opposition in land about to be conquered by the USSR.

    Saddam Hussein idolized Stalin, why not the AK party? Human rights mean nothing to such people.

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