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Women Public Security Forces In Rojava Launch Anti-Violence Hotline


Members of the Women Public Security Forces In Rojava have launched a hotline to help women facing violence, according to an article in Yeni Özgür Politika.

Rojava’s General Women Public Security Forces stated that they would not accept the position of women as second-class citizens in society and would struggle against it. The creation of the hotline followed the death of Nadya Riyad Ehmed, an 18-year old girl from Amûde in the Cizîrê Canton who committed suicide on June 19th after she was forcibly married by her father. In the group’s statement, they declared “in order to prevent such incidents in the future we will take stringent precautions. We will not allow the mentality of male hegemony to dominant in Rojava.”

An Issue Of Self-Criticism

The statement underline that events like the suicide in Amûdê would not be ignored, saying “from the perspective of women we the Women Public Security Forces who are building a new model of life in Rojava see such events as a moment for self-criticism and we declare that we will take the necessary precautions so that such events do not repeat themselves.”

A Danger To Democratic Life

The statement also held a warning for men who would not desist from committing violence against women, saying “We are warning those men who would not desist from using violence against our female comrades in Rojava who are a building a model of life that is democratic, ecological and emancipatory for women. Violence against women is black stain on the reputation of Rojava and harms our claim to stand for a democratic life. We will not hesitate from introducing necessary legislation to prevent violence against the women of Rojava who with their women’s revolution are an example for the whole world.”

The state concluded by providing 6 telephone numbers that women experiencing or under threat of violence could call in order to receive help.

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